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Carmellino and Durante tuning D4S proto at top level

D4S Proto great performances at the Ice Challenge 2017 


On the last week end, the 10 and 11th January, the Sergio Durante Motorsport DS3 has been brought at the highest level at the Ice Challenge 2017 Championship.

Ivan Carmellino success, DS3 Proto, in the second round of the Europea Ice Challenge 2017 Championship, held Sunday, February 12 in Pragelato. Ivan, at the first seasonal, took the Saturday qualifying and warm-up on Sunday morning to get a feel for the car he used for the first time and outclass opponents with an irresistible and unapproachable step. 

He said: “ The car developed by Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is very different from the car I normally use on the ice racing, but it really impressed me for the driving feeling and the explosive performances”

Three victories in three heats clarify the supremacy of fast and spectacular Carmellino in every situation when he had a clear track, speeding impressively the stopwatch hands, and when he had to make overtaking backmarkers that occurred in front of the nose of his DS3 Proto.

Carmellino made clear his intentions from the first round in the morning, played with a temperature of five degrees below zero, when trailing by just under six seconds Luciano Cobbe, Ford Focus WRC, appeared particularly in good shape. Carmellino was further improved in the second round, when he established the battery and record lap monitoring the situation in the third round when the track was slower after the passage of twenty competitors. It closes in second place a specific and constant Luciano Cobbe, but had to bow to the crystalline class Carmellino. The rider of Meteco Racing was involved in a fast and perfect race, without the slightest smear, but with a Carmellino so fit there was little to do. Third place for Alessandro Pettenuzzo, author of a good performance in the first two heats and less determined in the third, which ended only seventh because of his Mitsubishi Lancer tire degradation of a less profitable guidance of the previous rounds .

In the King of Masters Race Sergio Durante gain a brilliant third position, keeping him at the head of the Championship.

DS3 in action

Sergio Durante with Ivan Carmellino

The protagonists of the Ice Challenge 2017: from left Luciano Cobbe, Mirko Pettenuzzo, Ivan Carmellino, Alessandro Pettenuzzo, Sergio Durante

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