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Race Gearboxes

  • Race Gearboxes 
  • Hybrid Powertrain Solutions
  • Race Lubricants
  • Dog ring gear, Racing Limited Slip Differentials, Rings and Pinions sets
  • Special Custom Parts 
  • Body parts – Composites 

D4S designs and build prototypes gearboxes for racing application.

Longitudinal or transversal engines, in 2 o 4 WD solutions can actually find a perfect customised solutions in our design department.

Dr. Sergio Durante has 25 years experience in the development, manufacturing and testing of powertrain solutions and can sport collaborations with the main car makers like Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo. 

Our strength is the closeness to the customer, from the first steps in our design department, up to the races, being ourselves pilots and on the field testers of our products

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