Testing Hybrid Powertrain 


Ice Racing in Serre Chevalier 2020

Ice Racing 2022: Hybrid Technology presented by D4S in the Ice Challenge 2022

Ice Racing in Serre Chevalier 2020 oublic

2022: Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante and the D4S Motorsport main protagonist in the Ice racing events in Europe.

This year the development of the new Hybrid racecar for ice racing, designed by dr. Eng. Sergio Durante was the center of the tactic of the company D4S Motorsport. This activity is carried out through extensive testing in the races with the prototype Giannini 350 GP4. The car sport a 3.5 litres, V6 and a new concept of KERS with Energy Harvesting Technology.

The innovative technology is developed also thanks to the European financed projects FASTSMART and BLU-SPARK.

The agreement with Giannini, a 100 years old historical brand, born as tuner of FIAT cars, is very creative and explosive!

Photos by:  Alberto Caldani

Porsche D4S Prototype
Porsche D4S Prototype

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