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D4S Motorsport is glad to present the new ATS CORSA RR Turbo - The high-performance, high-technology racing car with competitive price and maintenance costs, specifically developed to allow drivers to race in multiple international classes.

ATS CORSA has created a unique project of its kind, aimed at offering a new opportunity for racers worldwide: the RR Turbo represents the balance point between low costs and high performance, 800kg(1763lb)/600hp, allowing the drivers to be highly competitive in many categories.

Suitable for all those professional or gentlemen drivers who are looking for an adaptable and effective racing car, the RR Turbo will be eligible to race internationally with the FIA homologation Appendix J Group E2 SH.

Thanks to this, it can compete in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from 24h Series, VLN, International Endurance Series, E2Sh, Clubsport, Hill Climb Championships, and even Time Attack series.

The RR Turbo has also been developed to give the opportunity to Teams, championship organisers and private investors to collaborate with ATS Corsa for the creation of an ATS single-brand championship which can also be included in the GT Open category or in the GT4 group.

With an estimated vehicle maintenance cost per kilometre of around 2.30€, the RR turbo is highly competitive on the budget, allowing drivers to focus more on racing than on maintenance. 

The development focused around the philosophy of offering the best materials. Compromise is a word that does not exists in the Company's dictionary. The RRTurbo is a showcase of selected materials and technological components and  "Made in Italy" quality combined together to with solutions which are normally found on much more expensive race cars

Prices are truly competitive when compared with other competitors as they start from 132.000 Euro plus tax for the Clubsport and 164.900 Euro plus tax for the lighter and range-topping Serie Carbonio. Among the special components and available optionals there's a full carbon bodywork, carbo-ceramic braking system with ultralight CNC billet machined callipers, forged wheels, three-way adjustable suspension, high downforce bi-plane rear carbon spoiler and the quick-lift air-jack system.


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