Strengthening of logistics and supply chain management of maintenance services through Process Mining powered by AI


The objective of this project (running as subgrant agreement of the H2020 MIND4MACHINES project) is to enhance logistics and supply chain management of maintenance service of production equipment/machine tools through AI-powered process mining techniques. Process mining is the deep-dive analysis, discovery, modeling and improvement of as-is processes, revealing the to-be efficiencies that the business can benefits from.


Reduction of maintenance service delivering time and cost, from the opening of a maintenance request up to the closing

Reduction of machines downtime

Leverage on AI to capitalize on digitalization and foster smart and sustainable manufacturing

SUPREME Process Mining solution includes:

Process Discovery:  maps and analyzes an organization’s existing business processes,  automatically generates a model, providing a data-based visual representation of process workflows

Conformance checking: compares a process model of the actual process with a reference process (best practice) to identify deviations such path, time and cost

Enhancement: improves the process through AI by predicting in advance potential bottlenecks.


The SUPREME project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation action program, via the MIND4MACHINES Open Call #2 issued and executed under the MIND4MACHINES project (Grant Agreement no. 101005711).        

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