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Engineering and testing

D4S offers highly qualified engineering and technical project management services and capabilities. The company owns fully instrumented prototypes vehicles to carry out extensive automotive and aerospace tests on the field.  

Dr. Sergio Durante has 25 years experience in the development, manufacturing and testing of innovative solutions and can sport collaborations with the biggest companies in the World, like Boeing, Airbus among the others in the aerospace sector and Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Nissan, Subaru among the others in the automotive sector. 

The D4S offers a series of industrial and highly qualified engineering services:

Full design and development of advanced aerospace and automotive components and optimization of the related manufacturing systems, using innovative materials and composites, custom technologies and state of the art functionalized surface engineering;

Setup of automotive new concepts of prototypes to integrate and testing new technologies (full electric, hybrid);

Extensive tests of high-end automotive components using the D4S state of the art laboratory prototypes;

Testing in extreme conditions and weather, like desertic climates; Development of technologies and products for sustainable and clean manufacturing and assembly of high tech aerospace components; 

Methods to reuse composites materials;

Nanotechnology engineering to manufacturing and processing industry;

Product and Process Life Cycle and recovery /recycling methods; 

Industrial implementation of energy saving policies

  • Race Gearboxes 
  • Hybrid Powertrain Solutions
  • Race Lubricants
  • Dog ring gear, Racing Limited Slip Differentials, Rings and Pinions sets
  • Special Custom Parts 
  • Body parts – Composites 

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