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D4S is a high tech company founded by Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante in the sector of the advanced technologies, with a strong partnership all over the world, and find its success factor in the constant transformation of the knowledge produced by applied innovation into products, technologies and services for the automotive, motorsport, the aerospace. 

The main activities of the company is in the design, the development, the integration, the testing and the application of advanced components and powertrain solutions for the automotive and the aerospace sectors, using the most advanced engineering tools and innovative materials (like high performance composites, exotic materials, hyperfunctionalized surfaces, nanostructured based massive and coating materials). 


Development and advanced manufacturing optimization of innovative and difficult to process materials (Metal Matrix Composites, gammaTitanium, SuperAlloys, Polymeric composites) for: • structural components • engine applications

Autoadaptive manufacturing methods for industrial exploitation


Design and manufacturing of advanced materials (High Performance Aluminum and Magnesium, Titanium, Special Steels and Cast Irons, Beryllium alloys, MMCs, composites, CFRP, Hybrid materials,...) and related processes

D4S is a trademark of Durante Space Tech 





Winning technologies for aerospace and automotive motorsport 

Design and manufacturing of custom transmission parts

Advanced CAE and FEM design skills

Material selection and design

Validation testing

Quality assessment

Risk and safety assessment

Environmental Footprint

Cost and Life Cycle Engineering (LCA, LCE) analysis

Testing of components in extreme conditions: nordic climates, desert and high temperature dry and salty climates

High end lab test cars


Contact: sales@d4s.tech

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Dr. Sergio Durante

 was founder and president of the  Torino e-District network of enterprises in Torino (IT).

 is member of the Board of the  AMRC with Boeing , in Sheffield (UK).


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